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Monday, March 17, 2014

Back at the Park for "Gardens & Parks", Lynn Cohen

On Sunday I went back up the street to the same park. It's spring here. It was pleasant this time to sit on a park bench, spread my art supplies out and sit and draw this other side view of this same play structure I drew the day before. That windy slide was a challenge I'd been thinking of drawing as soon as I saw the prompt of "Gardens & Parks" coming up. It took a little under an hour to draw and paint this one en Plein Air! ;-)

Prismacolor 03 black ink pen
Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box
(perfect size for painting outdoors)


  1. How great that you went back to sketch the other side of this. Love the colours :-)

  2. I like the colors here too! Great painting, Lynn! You have spring and can sit out! We got the winter back here.

  3. this is so fun lynn. plein air and art supplies spread around. you're enjoying this theme for sure. Lovely sketch and color!

  4. Looks like you nailed the structure. I like the swirly slide. Playgrounds didn't have such fun stuff when we were kids.

  5. I like this one even better than the first! I'm still loving that long skinny sketchpad, too.

  6. This one is fantastic. It looks like a fun place and how fun to be a kid again. Looking at your work makes one feel like sliding down the swing and play, play, play. Great job!

  7. Such fun colors and a circus.

  8. I love this, Lynn! You've gotten the swirly slide, just perfect! :)

  9. When my children were small they could play on the swings, or the slide or the see-saw in the park. Park equipment is so interesting and integrated now, and I love the way you have illustrated the complexity of it, and the bright colours.


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