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Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Little Dog sleeping in the kitchen. Marla Eklund

My dog, Carley, follows me around most of the day.  I just adore her but she often gets under foot and it annoys me sometimes.  I have been house bound for a couple of days for various reasons and that has made us both jumpy.  This afternoon I was trying to start some soup for dinner and I turned around and nearly tripped over her.  She looked so sweet and peaceful I decided to quickly sketch her.


  1. This sweet painting of your dog looks like it's a picture on a pillow to me. Would be a cute way and place to transfer it. ;-) Just my idea.
    I like the colors you chose and pastels.

  2. How sweet dog sleeping in your kitchen:) Lovely work, Marla!

  3. That's happened to me before too. She looks very comfy but I bet she woke up when she smelled the soup.:) tee hee. Great drawing Maria.

  4. Aww Carley sounds so sweet - love your drawing.

  5. Aw, she looks so sweet. My dog isn't allowed in the kitchen because i always trip over her, but lately she's been coming in anyway. She's been in a trouble making mood.

  6. How sweet! Make sure you don't trip! One of us with bruises in this group is enough.

  7. She's too sweet Marla. Lovely sketch. I hope you're doing okay. Take care!

  8. I love her face and how she's all curled up in your sketch!


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