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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Morning Smoothie in my "Kitchen" Lynn Cohen

Yesterday mornings fruit smoothie was made with blueberries, strawberries, green apple, fresh pineapple, Brazil Nuts, cinnamon, and non-dairy coconut milk. Here it is in the blender cup, with pineapple skins and knife. Filling and delicious.

How do you energize your day?

Prismacolor black 08 pen
Winsor & Newton watercolors
One purple Daler Rowney Coloured Pencil
Nature Sketchbook 6 in x 12 in.


  1. Looks yummy as a sketch and as a smoothie!!!

  2. Aha, had to resort to a colored pencil for the blueberries? :)
    Very pretty and colorful. The brazil nuts are a great touch!
    I've been having a "heart healthy" size serving of oatmeal with lots of berries. Yum! (I'll have to draw that soon!)

    1. The painted blueberries looked fine on paper, but were washed out in the scan for posting. So yes, I had to brighten them up with colored pencil so you could see them! ;-) The Brazil Nuts are for Iodine! Your oatmeal sounds nummy too! I look forward to your drawing of it.

  3. It looks like a delish smoothie. As of late it's a smoothie in the morning because you inspired me. Love your sketch.

    1. Oh my, I had no idea I had this kind of power! But glad you are enjoying your smoothies! ;-)

  4. I prefer food I can chew for breakfast but in the summer I sometimes have a green smoothie as an afternoon snack. At no point in it's creation is it as pretty as this! I love all the layers of colored fruit in this.

  5. Thanks Melisa. I mix it up and chew some grains once in a while too! ;-)

  6. I smiled as soon as I saw this one -- love the cheerful colours -- looks delicious!


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