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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kitchen by Joan Tavolott

I didn't get to sketch the "kitchen" here in this hotel yet, but will work on getting it done. We were busy here at the workshop from early this morning until 10 tonight so I have a little time to be on the computer before calling it a night. 

I often do sketches of foods and items in my kitchen. Here are a few.

The basket from my coffee maker filled with wet grounds.

A fancy spoon.

And apples in a bowl.


  1. I love your apples the best here! They look darn right edible! Beautifully painted!

  2. Joan, you are busy with the workshop, but have time to sketch too:) Well done! I love your apples too, they are beautiful and inviting! Fun idea too to draw the basket with wet grounds!

  3. Thanks, Lynn!

    Sirkka - Thanks. I knew I was going to be busy so I brought along sketches of kitchen items that I had done recently. Every once in a while I can find something here to sketch but the class and socializing keep us much too busy. lol

  4. Above and beyond the call of duty, Joan! Glad you're finding time to sketch in your busy schedule. I'm learning to see every item around me as fodder for a sketch! Great sketches and paintings! :)

  5. Great sketches. Love those grounds in the coffee filter. Nice job.:)

  6. Very nice kitcheny sketches!

  7. Lisa - Sketching is a good way to relax at the end of the day for me. Thanks.

    MeOfCourse - Thanks so much.

    Melisa - Thank you.

  8. Nice collection of paintings and a very pretty spoon.


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