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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kitchen-Lisa Richards

It's only March 4 and I already feel like I'm falling behind! lol! So many posts to catch up on when I get home from work! But it's a nice problem. ;) Here's a watercolor I did a few minutes ago. My lines and perspective got more and more wonky as I went along, but I had so much fun quickly sketching in all of the objects. It's HARD to stand up and hold your sketchbook in one hand while sketching with the other!

The cat wearing an apron above the stove is a spoonrest and the objects on either side of it are little potholders that look like a little child's bloomers. They're very old and I don't remember where I found them. The jars to the right of the stove contain dried beans which I've had for years because they are the only beans I've grown and dried from my own garden! To the left of the stove is an antique canister that I keep my utensils in. The four objects on the back of the stove are salt and pepper shakers. So are the cows on the windowsill next to Brown Betty.

This theme has taught me to see ordinary objects in a new way. All of you have inspired me to see beauty in these everyday items. I'm learning to loosen up and enjoy art instead of trying to make a "photocopy" of what I'm drawing. :)

This was done on 80# sketch paper
with gouache paints and
a Sharpie Ultra Fine line pen.


  1. I like your lines! I love to see the artists hand at work!

  2. Lisa, you are hardly "behind"! It's just that we have a lot of energy on this blog and you are right on time!!! ;-) I too have been standing up drawing this way in my kitchen, and I find it to be fun! I guess I need my eye level above what I am drawing! I love seeing all the items you drew in quickly to your picture. Simply delightful and informative about yourself. I'm happy to hear you feel that what we are doing here is helping you see everyday items in a new light. I agree 100% that since I started "SEEING to DRAW" almost 3 years ago now, I see my world so much differently and positively. I see things and say out loud, I WANT TO DRAW THAT! See you at your next post!

  3. Oh I love your kitchen. It's so much fun being in someone else's kitchen. I like what you said about loosening up and just enjoying what comes of one's painting. I'm learning that too. Nice job. Thanks.

  4. Lisa this is great!!! A little wonkiness just adds to the character of the sketch! The more you do sketches like this the more you find that everyday objects have their own beauty.

  5. Every day objects are definitly worth to be drawn as you and we all are doing here. It is so amazing to describe the most usual things nearby you.And I can confirm that it will be loosening up more and enjoying the artsy working. It is fun to stay and hold your sketchbook sketching everything you see. Your drawing of your kitchen shows that too!

  6. charming and all the objects and figurines...fantastic kitchen...and beautiful artwork!

  7. Lisa, I love this picture of your kitchen! I feel like I'm there.

  8. You have such a charming kitchen!


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