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Friday, March 7, 2014

Kitchen, Toad Hollow Table by Melisa McCurley

On grocery day, we always eat at Toad Hollow. I love it because it's quaint, has organic food, has Toad in the name, and is one of only 2 restaurants where I can get safe gluten-free food. There is always a tiny vase of flowers on the table. Usually wee roses but today we had pink and green mums. While we didn't eat in the kitchen, I drew what I saw while I waited for the kitchen to get my food ready. Hope that counts!


  1. Absolutely counts! Exactly what I mean about '"thinking outside the box"! Love your mums. Such clean, clear beautiful art. Spoon shines, salt and pepper shakers reflects, flower water shimmers, flowers boom before our eyes!

  2. What a great sketch. your mums are awesome. Really a good job.:)

  3. Love this sketch Melisa. You have given this a lovely effect with the shading.

  4. I love these flowers of yours. So delicate and yet strong. And I love the arrangement of the other objects you've chosen.

  5. Love all the highlights and sparkles! Pretty flowers! Great little scene you've created. :)

  6. Very nice, clean watercolor. Simplicity is often very picturesque.


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