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Monday, March 10, 2014

Kitchen, scrubbers by Melisa McCurley

I couldn't get a decent picture of this. The scanner did something garish to it and the camera washed it out (this paper isn't white) but the camera was the better of the two. I didn't do a very good job depicting my pretty black and brown granite countertops. They don't really look like mud. The backsplash behind should be granite also, but I didn't want to make more mud. It looks like I need to use the scrubby to clean it up! :)


  1. Well, this inspires me, when I read the theme I thought there wasn't much to draw in the kitchen, but now I see all sorts of ideas. Thank you, Melisa.

  2. Love your colorful scrubber. I have found my scanner never makes the colors true. I have more luck with my camera and then adjusting the image on my computer.

  3. Love this colorful floral scrubber. Great job on al the pieces here. Your granite looks like my tile floors in my bathrooms. I got "dirty" look so they would NOT show the dirt. And they don't. My husband said they look like garage floor. LOL I love them. To me they are arty! interesting design on the soap dispenser.

    1. My mom did the same thing when she picked her floors because we lived in the country on a farm and there was lots of dirt. :) My counters are more black than brown but the splotchiness hides overshakes of cinnamon and other stuff well. So well that, apparently, DH and DS can't see it at all and leave it for me to clean up! The soap dispenser has a little cup area in front and there is the stopper for the sink/disposal in it and a crocheted scrubby balled up in there, too.

  4. Great scrubber. Nice work on everything. Your granite counter looks good. Way to go.

  5. Melisa I especially like the granite counter! The scrubber is colorful and adds personality to this piece. I like it!

  6. This is great especially the scrubby! Looking at your sketch you can really imagine the feel of those bristles. Nice!


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