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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kitchen #12-GloriaV

Grandparents Sugar and creamer 
So I'm doing 2 posts today and that's because I'm loafing around after organizing my pantry somewhat.
This is supposed to be a sugar and creamer set but it doesn't come near how they really look. They are a beautiful cream color with gold rim. My Mom gave them to me long ago. They belonged to her parents.
They received them for their 50th anniversary many years ago. They are about 75-80 years old. I really did them no justice, so I took a quick picture of them and really my camera skills are nil. Tee hee.
Enjoy your day/evening.
Kitchen Sugar & Creamer #12
Kitchen#12 PPPP 2014 glv
Grandma and Grandpa
Lived a long and healthy life
Cream and sugar, please.
Photo of Kitchen #12


  1. Gloria, I enjoy the romp to your actual pantry via your other blog link. I agree your grand parents sugar and creamers are elegant/beautiful.
    I love your style of art and think your rendition a whole lot of fun! You gave them lots of personality!

  2. I have a creamer and sugar that have wavy edges like that and I have the hardest time figuring out how to draw them! You did a great job. The gold edges would be very difficult to capture!

  3. Thank Lynn and LIsa. Appreciate your kind comments.

  4. Lovely cream and sugar bowl!!! I wish I had something that went a ways back in the family. The only things I have are a cameo that belonged to my grandmother on my mother's side and a pocket watch from my grandfather on my father's side.

  5. Those items sound very nice Joan. Thank you. Memories, pretty much what we have.:) Take care.

  6. They are lovely and I can see why they would be hard to sketch!

  7. Lovely sketch of your creamer and sugar! And a lovely memory of your grandparents.


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