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Monday, March 10, 2014

Kitchen #9,10-GloriaV

Decided to post 9 and 10 and am caught up for the time being. Went to San Jose today and am exhausted. Commuter traffic to the bay area is bumper to bumper and it took us 3 hours to get there. Whew!!!
Thank for hosting Lynn.
Ipad, Pitt pens
On the window ledge #9
Kitchen #9-glv PPPP 2014

Mustard is tangy
Spread some on talapia
You'll see what I mean.

At the kitchen stove #10
Kitchen #10-glv PPPP 2014

This part of kitchen
Gets more workout than I do
Better it than me.


  1. These are fun and colorful Gloria! Love the utensils hanging over the stove!

  2. I like your warm colors Gloria! Do you mean tilapia? The tiles I really like!

  3. These have such rich, fun colors. I love the one of the stove area and had to laugh that it get more workout than you do.

  4. I love your simple scenes,and the bright colours. The Colmans Mustard Tin brings back many long-ago memories of making mustard from a powdered version of Colmans Mustard in a yellow tin that we mixed with water. We always mixed too much - and there was a saying that Colmans made their money, not from the mustard that was used, but from the mustard that was left on the plate!

    1. Thank you Jez. I'm glad the Colmans brought memories back to you. I love that saying. The dry mustard comes in a great tin.


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