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Monday, March 10, 2014

A doodle in my kitchen, by Marla Eklund

I doodle everywhere, walls, kitchen cabinets, appliances and even paper.  Here is a doodle I just finished on one of my kitchen cabinets.  It's very bright and busy and will probably get painted over and doodled again soon.


  1. I think it looks awesome. Love all the fab colors!

  2. Wow, I would love to see a photo of your kitchen cabinets.

  3. Marla, you must have the most colorful kitchen! What a happy looking place! Very fun doodle art!

  4. Wow this is really unique Marla! Never thought of doodling on walls and cabinets! Like Fran I want to see your cabinet and wall of your lovely doodles!

  5. You must have a fun, colorful kitchen. Great colors!

  6. Beautiful, Marla. I love the layers of your art.


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