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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kitchen Cookies Giggles

It took many years to figure out my daughter had an egg allergy. It really limits her diet of foods she once loved! Just recently she adapted my moms oatmeal cookie recipe and added cadbury mini eggs! So yummy!


  1. Those look sinful...and a whole tray of them too. Nice!!!

  2. I don't think I'd want to eat them but they look beautiful and spring-like for the sketch! I couldn't eat eggs for years and it was difficult. Now that my stomach is healing from getting rid of the gluten, I can eat eggs again! So I got one food back and had to get rid of another, LOL. But I feel so much better, it's worth it. I'm so glad your daughter has found a way to have cookies again! And even "eggs" of a sort. :D

  3. Bright and decadent! Pretty to look at, but I must refuse a bite! I'm sure many will appreciate the holiday feel of this colorful dessert! And dessert is a perfect choice as we come to the last 2 days of drawing in the "Kitchen"!

  4. Giggles, pretty cakes! But not so easy if you can not eat everything without problem.

  5. Love your cookie painting!!!! these are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

  6. Awesome cookies Giggles. I'll have one!:)

  7. Your painting is so you, giggles. before i see your name i immediately thought of you and im right! I think it must be the colorful colors :)

  8. Hi Giggles...gorgeous and decadent...looks fabulous and enchanting...yummy too!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks everyone but truthfully I wasn't happy with the pink background with my purple plate....


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