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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kitchen by Maria Medeiros

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be here! I've been looking at all your wonderful artwork and you inspire me so much!
Today I made a few goodies from my kitchen.
A lemon and mini croissants!

Still Life Lemon

This was such a challenge for me. 
I need to work with more glass and liquid. 

Still life Broccoli 

I wasn't going to post this because its all wrong to me.
The proportions and everything about it was just not working for me... Its one of those quick 
sketches. I figured I am too hard on my self and 
should relax. This would be a great challenge for me.
To overcome being too critical of my self and
just have fun!

Thank you everyone! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Maria, you may have just joined in but you did it with so many wonderful sketches! I'm glad I can't smell the croissants because they look so good! Quick sketches are good practice, so it is good to do them and post them anyway.

  2. Welcome Maria, so pleased you have joined us here. Love all your drawings, you are certainly off to a great start and look forward to seeing many more pictures.

  3. Hi Maria. I love your sketches. Your croissants look delish. Unlike Joan, I would EAT them. tee hee. Did you add lemon to them? Your lemon looks great by the way. I agree with Ann. I also agree with Joan about posting your sketches right off. Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Love your array of "Kitchen" entries Maria! Love that you posted them all. The sweet at the top looks nummy indeed; knowing this group it will be gone in no time! I'll partake of the veggie dish/broccoli is a fav of mine; And I 've been known to suck on a lemon; You drew these very well. I applaud you for attempting glass and liquids. Not easy. But yours are fine. And yes, to all your thoughts about the quick sketch. They are fun to do, and I agree we need to just relax and enjoy the process and outcome. I like your "home" sign on your kitchen sink counter too. Glad you are here!

  5. Wonderful work and I love that broccoli painting! You are too hard on yourself!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. So many lovely paintings to look at here. I love the croissants. And you are certainly too hard on yourself, the broccoli is the one that really caught my eye, such a lovely colour and looks so real.
    And the last one is fun, I like the loose style and colour.

  7. A great bunch of sketches! That's right, just relax and have fun. I suspect we're all trying to whoop that self-critical thingy! :D

  8. These are all great, but my absolute favorite one is the still life with the lemon and croissants. Blessings!


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