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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gardens and Parks, Having A Look,GloriaV


This isn't our garden but it definitely is similar to what we have. The "person" is probably meant to be my husband who is dedicated to the gardens/yard. Perhaps he is just standing around feeling mesmerized with the beauty of growth. We have no hills in our backyard but I threw them in. I love to imagine things that make me happy.

Trees galore, plants thriving, fish are happy and life is good. To me, the old saying, "Home is where the heart is" is definitely what I believe in.

It's a little messy and quickly sketched on the Ipad, BUT it's here so you can see. Right now besides the garden, I'm working on another project but I know where you are and I will make it a point to be here from time to time. Thanks for hosting Lynn and you too Ann for providing info needed.


Having A Look
Having A Look, PPPP, glv-2014


  1. I must try doing something on my daughter's ipad. Looks like a fun way to sketch!

  2. Love this, Is the fish pond real or imagined? Reminds me of all the years I had planted vegetable gardens. I think finally the snails won out and I gave up. So glad you add your art here when you can.

  3. He looks very pleased with his garden...I can see why. Nicely done, Gloria!

  4. It is like that we want it be, happy gardening! Have nice day!

  5. I love this guy's happy stance!

  6. Thank you very much for your very nice comments and yes Penny the Ipad is working good for me. Yes Lynn, it's a small fish pond with a few gold fish.


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