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Saturday, March 22, 2014


I am being very brave here.  Normally a painting like this would be hidden away from view in the sketchbook, never to be seen again.  It wouldn't be too bad except for that silly toy-like train!  I usually like to focus in on smaller scale painting and drawing, but ……. pushing myself out of the comfort zone is what I am here for.

Pitt Pen and Watercolour in A4 Sketchbook - Jez
This morning looked bright in spite of the forecast of cold winds and rain, so we quickly drove to Martin Mere wildfowl centre with sketchbooks and our tiny watercolour field boxes.  It was certainly cold so we went into one of the hides, surrounded by avid birdwatchers who were searching out a Ruff in full breeding plumage.  

The view from this hide looks across our very flat landscape, and you can see I had problems with perspective and distance - I think I would have needed an A3 book to get it right.  As I reached one-third down the page a diesel train rushed from left to right in the distance.  "Ooh good, I'll include that!"  When I looked at the finished drawing it looked rather silly.  That apart I was really quite pleased to have made myself draw a panorama and slosh on some paint.  There were hundreds of geese and ducks in and around this part of the Mere but I included only few to simplify the picture.


  1. Wow! Well maybe I am easily impressed, but, Jez, Really! Look at what you've done here! I do see hundreds of ducks there, the awesomeome ones in the foreground happily swimming in the water surrounded by ripples of water! The ones on land near and far! I see perspective galore! More hints of ducks and uildings in the background and hint of a long train flying past. I'd say you nailed it quite well! No hiding this painting needed at all! So glad you feel you are pushing yourself, as I am enjoying the results! Happy Saturday!

  2. Really awesome Jez. Love all those ducks that are enjoying their day. I think this is great work. You should be very proud of yourself. Teach me how to draw like this.:) tee hee. Have a great day.

  3. Personally, I love the tiny train. It has to be tiny because it is far far away.

  4. Jez, I think you did a great job capturing the distance in this. You have a bit of everything in here...and you don't need to include every duck and bird. lol Glad you didn't hide this!

  5. I can tell there are lots and lots of birds in this area. How great to see so many. I looked closely for the's a nice touch.

  6. Thanks everyone, I'll keep trying with this style from time to time.

  7. Jez, I love this painting of yours! I love to see the trees on the horizon, the birds and even the train.

  8. I love this, and I like the train, too!


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