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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gardens & Parks, When olives turn black, GloriaV

When my dear Dad was still living, I made it a point to ask him for cuttings every time we visited. He was always generous. We brought home small cuttings of many different plants, pieces of cactus as they take root very easy, small olive trees. Years later my Dad is gone but his plants live on in my backyard.
We have at least 8 olive trees here and there out back and they give olives. I have tried to cure them so they can be edible, but it never works. I always want to pick them when they are green and jar them that way. My Dad always had a jar of green olives he had cured on the table and he always gave away a jar or two to family members.
So my olives always turn black and I feel guilty because it is food going to waste. Truth is, I'm afraid of God punishing me because the food is wasted:( I've meant to ask Manuel across the street for lesson on curing the olives.  Anyway to make a long story short I was thinking of the olives and did a quick sketch on my Ipad to show the olives turning black.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Olives Turning Black
Olives Turning Black, PPPP, glv, 2014 #18


  1. Gloria, today we ate out and I had a wonderful vegan lentil patty over brown rice with a delicious avocado sauce on it. It was scrumptious. I came home wanting to make them. I went on line and found several recipes for lentil patties. I am absolutely sure you could go on line to fine out how to cure olives. Please do. It's awesome that you have these trees from shoots from your dear father's trees. He'd be so proud of you. Your iPad digital drawing is terrific! I love how those black olives glow!

  2. Love the drawing!
    Several vineyards in my area have begin planting olive trees, and there's even an olive press at one nursery... I have a VéRÿ small tree from them, and I think the snails eat my bab olives before they develop! Olive leaves heave great properties as well, if my tree grows a bit, I may pick some.
    Like yours, my dad hated having food (or anything!) go to waste, so I do my best with my various fruit trees...

  3. Beautiful drawing,love the olives and the softness of colors,its very wonderful work,love it to much

    Greetings Jeannette.

  4. Great drawing Gloria. So nice to have plants from your dad, great memories.

  5. I think it is so wonderful that you have olive trees that came from your dad. I would definitely check out the info about curing them. You can find almost anything online now. Love the drawing! Since I don't eat olives I'll take some olive oil when you start pressing your

  6. This is a beautiful little painting. I love black olives and to have a big supply of free ones would be great. But not being a cooking freak I would probably too lazy to prepare them.

  7. Gloria, I hope you can take care of your olive trees on the best way! So you can have the memory of your dad alive. And enjoy the good olives. I love black olives too.

  8. I miss the Olive trees we had in California. My Dad used to cure them and share them with family but some were afraid of eating them because they weren't done by factories. crazy.. they were good too. Love that your Dad lives on thru your cuttings. That is how cottage gardens took hold back when..workers for the rich bringing home cuttings to plant in their yards as it was cheaper that way. Now its the thing to do. Some of my plants in my garden now came from CA and friends here. Love the sketch and the story.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. I really appreciate them. Yes I have printed out some instructions on curing with only water but it didn't work and I was afraid to eat the olives and get poisoned. I will try again this year. Again thank you.

  10. Gloria, this is so nicely done on your iPad!

  11. Thank you Margaret. I appreciate your words.


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