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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gardens & Parks, "Saturday Sunny Gardening", Lynn Cohen

 On Saturday the sun was bright and warm. I was going to clean my desk but when I went outside to dump the garbage the sun invited me to stay. So I found a bush that had overgrown itself. I got my shears and came back out and cut away. It felt good to be gardening again. Something I used to do all of, but in recent years have turned over to others for hire.

That large rounded trunk goes to that pink flowered bush I painted last week.

I sketched it afterwards in ink (Prismacolor Black ink pen 03) 

And later added watercolor

(Winsor & Newton watercolors)
(Nature Sketch art journal 130 lb. paper)

It felt so good to be outdoors in the sunshine!
I'll invite those over at Sunday Sketchers to come visit us today!


  1. A very nice sketch that highlights the differences in our local climates. The small branches make a lovely design.

  2. I love this sketch :) Happy Sunday

  3. I am glad you have sunshine and warmth and can begin the gardening and sit outdoors! Your drawing illustrates it very good. And the new look of the blog illustrates the spring very suitable. Happy Sunday!

  4. Nice sketch of the bush and the pruning shears! The addition of the color makes it feel sunny and warm. Have a great day today!

  5. I like imagining you out in the sun! Love your drawing of these leaves and branches. Love both the ink and the watercolor!

  6. Lovely sketch!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  7. Great drawing. I always like the simple ink sketches the best although the addition of color adds a whole new dimension.

  8. I love your garden journal. It makes me really yearn for Spring to kick in here. We keep getting teased! Thursday was almost, snow and 28! hahaha :) Hugs xo

  9. Nice job. You always find something to draw for the themes here, even if you have to get out and work. Lol like them both and love the sheers. The sketches show up better on this dark gray background you've got going now.

  10. Spring....I'm glad to see it peeping up somewhere. We are still white and cold. Really great drawing.


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