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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Cactus Garden, by Joan Tavolott

In addition to the wonderful camellia house that I sketched in for my last two posts, the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay also has a regular greenhouse with some wonderful plants.
I sat and sketched for a while in the cactus room.


  1. Such a beautiful cactus garden painting. Cactus have so many different shapes.

  2. I love those round ones the best, and the whole group is really beautifully painted and drawn! Yes, I could sneak my little succulents in among them!

  3. This is definitely frameable! I would love to see it matted and under glass, on my wall! Beautiful.

  4. ooh, how fun to see these little cacti!
    That would be a fun place to sketch!

  5. Joan, you are so skilled to draw every kinds of subjects! This is a great drawing of cactus plants.

  6. Thanks!!! Cacti are such great subjects...they don't even blow in the wind. The challenge is always those sticky needles.

  7. These are lovely colors and forms!

  8. Margaret, I love all the different, unusual cactus shapes. Thanks.


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