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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Pansy Planter by Joan Tavolott

I used a photo I had taken as a reference to paint this planter filled with pansies.
I love the faces on pansies and as a little girl I always thought they were smiling.
This is ATC sized.


  1. Oh wait till Cris sees this Joan. She will LOVE it. She LOVES pansies more than anyone I've ever known. My late MIL loved them too.
    But Cris maybe even more. I love your ATC sized painting of them. I love the look of the container that looks stone or concrete? And the little pebbles on the ground!

  2. OH I DO LOVE THIS.. WOW. I have a photo similar to this someone sent me to paint and I never did. I should dig it out again. If I can find it. you did a lovely job. Lynn knows me so well. lol

  3. these are so beautiful joan. the way the color patches just compliments the petals' colors.. makes me smile

  4. Love your pretty pansies and the fab stone planter. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Such an attractive painting of the pansies, I always love this flower and their delicate velvety petals. As you say, they seem to have smiling faces. I also like the contrast of the more subtle way you have painted the stone planter.

  6. Thanks everyone! We lived in the same house with my grandparents and my grandmother always planted pansies in the garden. I can remember someone buying them for her and her taking them out of the little boxes and putting them into the ground. I know she had other flowers in there but I only remember the pansies, the rose bushes, and her lilac tree.

  7. This is really beautiful! It makes me nostalgic for my childhood. My mom always planted pansies. I like how soft the color is here.

  8. Pansies are not easy to paint, at least for me. These are beautiful. Lovely ATC.

  9. My mom always has pansies and these are outstanding! Just beautiful Joan.

  10. Coreopsis - I love how so many of us have memories of pansies going back to our childhoods. Thanks.

    Dion - Thank you.

    Penny - Thanks so much.

    Gloria - Thanks. If I had a sunny spot to grow them I would. I have to search for flowers that like mostly shade since that is what I get on this side of our complex.


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