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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Looking North, GloriaV

Looking North, out my bedroom window
Looking North, PPPP, glv 2014 #14
 A quick peek and quick sketch. As I looked out my bedroom window this afternoon, it was beautiful. Everything was bright. A palm tree on the other side, some one's old TV antenna and lots of trees. Our yellow rose bush is blooming. It rained today so everything was green and pretty. My usual mode of operation for now is the Ipad/P-53. In the studio though, I am using acrylics and gouache and finding it difficult to control the brush as well as the paint.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, Gloria, you just put this up as I was looking! Beautiful job. Very atmospheric!

  2. I truly enjoy your digital artistry! This tree is like a burst of fireworks on the forth of July !
    And I love the houses behind and the thick black outlines in the foreground!

  3. I'm so impressed with digital drawings, this is wonderful Gloria! I like how you have managed to get Layers :-)

  4. You are so good with Ipad art, and this is no exception. I haven't done any for quite a while, but you remind me to get back to it.

  5. Oh how nice all your comments are. Thanks Margaret, Lynn, Ann, and Jez for being so very kind.:)

  6. Gloria thanks for sharing your bedroom view with us. I love the palm tree...wish they grew here. lol I'll take the flowering plants too. Nice!!


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