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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Watercolour in A4 Sketchbook - Jez
I hope you will excuse me if I show you a page from my 'Garden Sketchbook' today and in the next few days.  We have very full week of hospital clinic visits in the coming week, starting tomorrow with the 2-year check-up after my cancer operation almost two years ago, so I know there will be very little time or energy for much drawing and painting.  I'm sure it will be OK, but as anyone who has been through the same thing knows, there is always that little voice in the background saying "What if ….."

This watercolour sketch is dated 8th June 2007, not long after we had moved into our last home - a year of lovely sunny weather when it was possible to draw and paint outside in the very old garden.  This is the kind of painting I love to do.


  1. I love garden sketchbooks. Your drawing of the seeds. Bless you. My wishes go with you for a healthy report.

  2. Thank you Fran, I shall keep your wishes in mind tomorrow when I am in the clinic

  3. This page is so well done, and beautiful! I love nature journals of this type. I look forward to seeing more of these pages later in the week if you are up to posting them Jez. I too, have crossed fingers and high hopes for a good health report on you. It's scary waiting for this sort of news. May it all be behind you sooner than you think. We are here for you no matter what! xoxo

  4. Good luck with your checkup, Jez. May it be good news only!

  5. I love the composition of your page and the information. We called those pollynoses as kids...maybe because we used to open them up and stick them on our noses.

    Best wishes for a great checkup tomorrow!

    1. What a fun idea, I wish we had thought of the pollynoses as children. We just used to throw them in the air and watch them propellor down. Thanks for your good wishes, and thanks to everybody - it really does help.

  6. Jez, your gardening sketch book is lovely! I hope everything is ok with you_)


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