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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Parks and Gardens, Marla Eklund, "a little crate garden on it's way"

I love crate gardening because it is easier for me to contain it since it is, quite literally, in a wooden container.  I often try to fasten some of the shallower crates vertically thinking that I can plant vine like plants and they will naturally hang down.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Here is a little drawing I did on an index card of some vines planted in a crate that was hung from my screened in porch.  It worked beautifully last year!


  1. That makes a really nice design. Do you place the crates on their sides? How do you keep the soil from falling out?

  2. So sweet, what a fantastic idea. I may try this since I can't dig in the dirt anymore. My hands can however in softer soil. This makes a delightful drawing. It would also make a great art quilt. I hope folks click on photos to see them larger and on a dark background.

  3. That's a nice idea, and the idea of hanging the crate. It makes an interesting design, and would make a great embroider, or as Lynn says, an art quilt. I wondered what the flowers are.

  4. I should have said pallets not crates and yes I do put them on their sides. I pack the earth pretty tightly and it stays well. To be honest, I mostly run by the seat of my pants so very little is scientific. I try different things until it works.

    I agree with you Lynn, this would make a lovely quilt and I do enjoy quilting. I think I'll give that a whirl and make see if I can come up with something lovely! Thanks for the idea!

  5. What a cool idea! This would make a pretty printed fabric, wouldn't it?

  6. That's an interesting way of gardening. I agree that this would make a great quilt or embroidered piece. Nice!!

  7. Lynn, the earth stays soft and I think you might enjoy it!


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