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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Close to Home-Lisa Richards

I've always wanted to draw a couch! So, I drew my couch and then had fun slopping some watercolor on it.  There's no way I could replicate the pattern of the fabric, so I just improvised. :)

I drew this with a Prismacolor Premier pen (without pencil). I love drawing directly with pen, flaws and all! Painted it with gouache on 80# sketchpad paper. Fun!


  1. Oh, Lisa, I so want to curl up on this couch with my iPad (or a book) and while the time away. I looks so comfy! Great job! It has personality and funk. Love it! I'm a just pen gal myself!

  2. It looks so cushy comfy! I like the way you did the pattern.

  3. Lisa, your couch looks really comfy. Yes, it is hard to capture the patterns especially since if you want to be true to the design you have to do it over and over. lol You did well!

  4. Looks like a well loved comfy couch. Nice job.

  5. I like how you improvised the design! Your couch has a lot of personality.

  6. You have painted the couch so good, that I really can feel that it is nice to si down there.


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