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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Close to Home, a couch potato by Melisa McCurley

My dear husband watching Hulu or something on the laptop, his favorite evening activity. He's on one end of the recliner couch and I'm on the other, sketching him while listening to an audio mystery on my tablet.


  1. Well he looks very relaxed..nice job.. ah now I see where you live.:)

  2. I've no doubt this looks just like him! Very cool.
    I love drawing my husband too! ;-) Can't get any closer to home than that!

  3. Melisa, it is great that he sits close enough and in a spot where you can sketch him from your chair. Nice piece!

  4. Sounds like a relaxing evening! I think you got the moment very well!

  5. Great portrait! Sounds like a nice relaxing evening.

  6. Yes, it sounds like a relaxing evening with your dear couch potato as you say:)

  7. Golly, that sounds just me and my McSpousky!


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