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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Close to Home-Lisa Richards

I'm afraid my first attempt for this blog isn't very inspired. I always admire folks who can draw the contents of their medicine cabinet and make it interesting a la Danny Gregory. I'll have to practice!

I was digging through multiple boxes of old, musty photographs today, trying to cull them down to a manageable number, when I came across a photo of a vase of flowers I had taken probably 15 years ago. I will try to do better next time. I just wanted to get my feet wet and break through my painter's block! :)

I'm enjoying looking at everyone's efforts here!

Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint...


  1. Let the block go and just do it! Your colors are lovely and the simple outlines of the flowers are very nice. Good for you for getting your feet wet. Check out this blog by Jane Lafazio:

    She offers online classes which I've taken in the past and she is wonderful for people just starting off with sketch journaling.

    Happy sketching, Kim

    1. I do love Jane's work. I've visited her blog often. I'm not really a beginner, I just don't get inspired by everyday objects. I'll probably never be a professional grade watercolorist. I'm just not patient enough to learn the in's and out's of it. Maybe I'll do more sketching. I'm mostly doing ATC's these days, but you'll see from my blog that I'm trying different things. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  2. So glad you dove in Lisa! I find your vase of flowers delicate and charming!
    So glad you are here! My experience with drawing, which is very recent, that the more I do the happier I become with it. That's what I love about a blog such as this is that the sharing, plus built in inspiration and encouragement makes me want to keep it going! I love the practice of drawing something most days. Practice has resulted in my becoming more relaxed and less judgmental of mine. I hope you'll find that the fact for you too. Funny, my personal blog I started in 2007 when I first got into art (art quilts at that time, I was not drawing yet) is called "Getting My Feet Wet". I look forward to your next drawing!

  3. Glad you joined us. Nice work on the vase of flowers. After drawing for a while you will find you get inspired a little easier. I've been sketching most evenings for years with a group on line. We do a scavenger hunt and you have to sketch something to fit the items on the list. I've even drawn a toilet bowl and pipes under the Anything can make a fun sketch.

  4. I think this is a charming sketch. Keep at it. :))

  5. I also think this is lovely Lisa. Love the yellow as focal point, surrounded by the green! Bull's-eye effect = Right on target!!! Keep it up.. blockage gone.. let's move forth and break all the records! Wait... that's my line for the olympics.. hum... Carry on, you can only go forth! (yes, this is the right line!) :-)

  6. A lovely bouquet. I can see why you photographed it!

  7. You have definitely come out of painters block, great drawing.


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