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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Close to Home, Joan Tavolott

I am happy to be able to join all of you here.

We have been having cold, snowy weather here in NY. I have been sketching and painting snow and ice for the last few weeks. I did this yesterday down by the bay close to where I live. The edges of the bay froze and each time the tide comes in and out it breaks the ice up into chunks. Yesterday it was really wild because we had strong winds that were really churning the water and the ice.

I've been sketching around the house too. 
Sadly the bottle of wine is empty after Valentine's Day yesterday.


  1. Joan, welcome! This is really beautiful and the detail awesome. I can see the ice chunks and feel the cold! I'd bet you needed the wine to stay warm! That is a truly lovely still life! Love the bit of light hitting the bottle! Thanks for sharing your environs with this post!

  2. You went out in the cold to sketch the ice? Brrrr! It does looks interesting. Hopefully the wine helped warm you up. :)

  3. You did a great job capturing this icy, watery scene! The still life is great! I need to get to work finding something to draw. Hmmm...

  4. Lovely work. I can see the ice chunks too. I would be so sick of all that ice by now that bottle would be empty here too. Lol. It made a nice still life too. :)

  5. Thanks, Lynn. The ice chunks everywhere have been amazing...but cold to look at.

    Melisa, I wasn't actually out in the cold air. I sat in my car and sketched. It stays pretty warm for a while and I don't have to run the heat.

    Lisa, thanks! I'm always looking for things to sketch here. I need to do my Valentine's Day flowers.

    Cris, it seems like either ice or snow everywhere. It is snowing again this evening. Hopefully they will be right and it will warm up tomorrow.

  6. Impressive winter weather! Nice to capture it in your painting!

  7. Kim - Thanks. I'm having fun capturing the snow and ice, but am ready to feel warmer weather.

  8. Ooh, I love how you've done the water, snow and ice. I saw what I think might have been a similar phenomenon at Skaneateles last winter. I will never forget it. And the sound: chunks of ice chinking against each other. Wow.

  9. Glad you are here Joan. Love how you did the top painting...I like them both.

  10. Margaret - Thanks. The cracking ice and the pieces hitting each other are quite loud.

    Ann - Thanks. Glad I was able to join in.


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