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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Close to Home by Melisa McCurley

A ceramic hand (I have 2) I found at a Goodwill shop and a little green antique bottle found at the old store on my parent's property. The store was run by a friend of my grandparents and the property was theirs at the time. Mr. Bell died before I was born but I have heard many stories about him, as he also lived in the store and was almost part of the family. The building is barely standing now and isn't safe to enter. While it was never open during my lifetime, Mr. Bell's store is as familiar to me as the family barn. It's always been there. These are on my mantel at the moment but get moved around.


  1. This little statue and the bottle are fine, you have painted them so fine. You can see through the glass bottle, it has a color too I love. The story you told is interesting. What do you say Melisa about to sktech the place which is barely standing now! It would be a pitty, if it some day is not there and you have perhaps no picture of it!

    1. I should have sketched it long ago, Sirkka. The chimney is down now and we planted pine trees close all around the wooden building to keep people from going in to steal, which would be dangerous. They've broken in to steal, before. You can barely see it for the pines, now.

  2. I like the way you showed the light hitting the hand!! Nice darks and lights to show the transparency of the bottle! The shop sounds like it would be an interesting place to explore and sketch inside and out.

  3. Fascinating history/story! Makes me want to know more! You amaze me in your ability to draw the hand. I saw this in the other one you did before and the statue. The bottle's transparency is terrific too! Well, the picture in its entirety is quite wonderful!

  4. Lovely painting Melisa, and it's nice to read about the store and Mr. Bell.

  5. Melisa, I love this hand! I seem to remember another hand sculpture you did, both wonderful! They are wonderfully real and present. And the green glass is gorgeous. Your place sounds fascinating.

  6. I love the hand and any colored glass makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing this wonderful painting.... I'd have bought that hand too!! Good find!

    Hugs Giggles


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