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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Close to Home, by Joan Tavolott

On Tuesday mornings during the winter I usually join a local portrait group. We usually have a model and paint for about 2 hours. Portraits are not one of my comfort zones, but I like pushing myself a bit. When I first started I was happy if the portrait came out looking human, but after a while they even started resembling the person I was painting. lol This is Mary. I told her that her hair was a fun challenge. It was frizzy and a bit wild!


  1. Excellent Joan...I expect Mary was pleased with this.

  2. You captured the skin tones and softness of the textures beautifully. Blessings!

  3. Wow, Joan! This is so well done. I bet it looks just like Mary! Love her frizzy hair! And her cheeks! Smile! Expression! It's all there.

  4. Excellent blog, Joan...and I love this portrait of Mary...I'm sure she loved the skin tones....

  5. I like her frizzy hair! She looks great. I started a portrait in oils today but I've never done one from life. I don't know if I see well enough for that. And I'm too slow. It sounds scary!

  6. Ann - Thanks!

    Arnoldo - Thank you. I have fun doing portraits.

    Lynn - It did come out looking like her. She had a really rounded face and all that wonderful hair. Thanks.

    Hilda - Thanks for coming over to visit!

    Melisa - LOL I'm not sure I see well enough either, and that may be a blessing. Then I can leave out some of the details. Thank you!

  7. A lovely portrait, Joan! A new side of you:) You have got the expression, the eyes, the hair, skin everything is so living!

  8. Great sketch. I would love to join rkevery(at)

  9. Wow this is impressive work, such wonderful details....her hair turned out are her lips and glasses... good job! I can't wait to see more!

    Hugs Giggles


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