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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Where I live and Old (two themes), Lynn Cohen

I'm catching up here and doubling up with place where I live (last months theme) and old. Our home I drew a few years ago I've been living in since we purchased it in 1988, so some might think it is old. (this months theme).
Even older than that is ME,  as seen in the selfie below. For some reason I must be tired because I refuse to sit upright. But that's okay. I think I old folks need more rest.

It's fun being here as an "author/artist" now that this is Bev's blog! Wishing everyone a very Creative Week ahead.


  1. I remember you drawing houses and always enjoyed seeing them. :)

    1. It's been a while! Really into people now!

  2. Love your portrait and home. Great watercolours

  3. I thought you were sideways so you could look up at the house easier. lol Great job on the house and the selfie.


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