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Sunday, September 4, 2016

School Memories, Ann Hyde

(firstly, got to say I added this some place before, can't find where offhand, but it does fit this theme particularly today)

SUNDAY SCHOOL  (and it is Sunday today so fits yeah)

This little Tin Church (yes literally made from corregated tin - and it's still there to this day) anyway,  down the road from my families home when I was growing up - and yes, you guessed it, I had to attend Sunday School - Yuck I hated it, but never complained (I was such a goody goody) lol.   The thing is, it wasn't the hymn singing or the message being given  - whatever that was, I wasn't listening at the time, as Every Sunday I was TRANSFIXED by the two elderly sisters who ran the service, the Miss Light's.  One in particular played the organ, and I always seemed to be seated near her.  The thing is she wore BRIGHT RED nail varnish, but not just freshly painted on...well, it probably was, but it was applied LAYER UPON LAYER UPON get the idea.  PLUS, and this was obviously the sisters thing...she applied her MAKEUP in the same way, yes Layer upon Layer upon Layer!!!!......can you imagine as a child seeing these two every Sunday. 


  1. It fits is school :)
    Nice memory, too.
    I am thankful to you for giving me an idea for a post this lovely Sunday...thank you~


    1. Glad you like this Jan and look forward to seeing your blog post :)

  2. Wonderful story to go with this charming drawing! I hope at some point you will also draw the two Miss Lights in all their layers of colors!

    1. I know you would draw them if you had seen them Lynn, your character drawings are so good.

  3. Love your drawing and the story. I think Sunday School teachers in my era were an odd lot. The one I remember transfixed us because she wore stockings attached to garters which indented her heavy middle-aged thighs. She sat with her legs spread apart (too far! -the boys fought for the front row seats). She was the preacher's wife and as far as I know no one ever said anything to her about it. As it was for you, Ann, I seem to have missed the message being transmitted!

    1. There was a message! lol :)

      Yes, I think it was an 'era' of these 'unusual individuals' - why did they never realise what they were like, or did they think it didn't count for them. :)

  4. nice painting and story. I remember so many from my catholic school days and the nuns.


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