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Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer ~ Genie Robinson ~ Summer Fun

With all of my Poison Ivy, I would give anything to be floating in the water at the beach:-)
The good news is...after 4 weeks, I am FINALLY getting over it....WOOHOO!
It has taken two, two week bouts of prednisone which I do not like to take.


  1. This is delightful! And I do hope you are back to perfect health soon!

  2. How adorable your art and how awful that poison ivy!

  3. Ouch! that sounds bad. Glad you are getting over it Genie. I love your happy holiday painting :)

  4. Poison ivy...oh, you poor thing. Glad you are starting to get over it. Looks like everyone is enjoying the beach.

  5. What were you doing in the bushes to catch that poison ivy, may I ask :-)
    Sorry for the levity - I know it is an awful affliction. But this was posted 3 weeks ago, so you may be over it by now.
    Your artworks always make me smile - ear to ear. I can see this on porcelain - a mug or a plate for children.


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