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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sunrise Sunset ACEO by Penny Stewart

Sunrise? Sunset? 

I can  never figure out if it is a SunRISE or a SunSET . . this is a sort of abstract or expressionistic (I am not sure which) ACEO painted on a piece of Masonite, and has a magnet so you can put it on your frig. I have lots of Frig Art. In my Ebay Store.


  1. Beauiful, Penny. It reminds me of the beauiful sunsets that we've watched on the Pacific Coast.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Donna! Yours, too!
      We used the same colors ....

  3. Thanks, Lynn, and it is a magnet too.

  4. oh my,this sunset its amazing,remind me of a hot summer,love your images,all is beautiful,and the image with the ships i love so much,you can beautifully drawings,and the image of your grand daughter its so fantastic,she has the talendet of yours.


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