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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harvest, Jean Bernick

I'm dreaming of my tomato harvest at the end of the summer. Then I will eat tomatoes that taste like tomatoes instead of the tasteless ones I get at the grocery store.


  1. Makes my mouth water! Can't get tood tomatoes here in the Pacific North Westt

  2. I am waiting for my plants to grow as well. I love your painting of the tomatoes. It has given me an idea for a painting of my own. Thanks! Have a lovely week.
    ~~ Irene

  3. Thanks, Donna and Irene, and Donna,I am from Idaho. No good tomatoes here.

  4. I'm with you on this one. I have a salt shaker be sure to let me know when they are ready :) In FL my tomatoes were ready by Christmas. Such a treat. Blessings, Janet PPF PS Great blog.

  5. Very lovely delicious drawing! I can find tasty organic tomatoes in California but nothing beats home grown!

  6. I have that same dream only I don't have a garden with tomatoes. Your painting is fabulous. The vines are perfect.

  7. Thanks everyone. May our dreams come true.


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