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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Things People Do, Lynn CoMo

Here is what I did with part of my day today! And it's a two-fer, as its my assignment for the new klass I am taking in Sketchbook Skool, called Polishing: to draw my day in comic book style adding color! Fits perfectly for our current prompt here too! 


  1. Cool, Lynn! A veritable diary of a day in the life!

  2. You captured your day perfectly Lynn, nicely done :-)

  3. You are so busy, doing so much, Lynn and now you have changed your name too! I must come here and see, that you are you and still here too. How do you manage all this! I am glad we have contact, some day I will come here too again.

    1. Sirkka, I'm always happy to see you here! I'd love for you to post your art again!


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