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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Things People Do by Donna Bickley

Mother Cat Baking - Just like traditional mothers of all background,, this Mother Cat is  baking to show her love for her family. Mama Cat is cooking and baking.. Meanwhile the  kids (in this case, mice) are having fun with some of her dough, formed into balls and tossed., Little Morty Mouse is using his new ball mitt to catch the dough balls tossed to him by Matt Mouse who has positioned himself by the source of the dough!  A Mother's Day tribute to baking mothers  everywhere!
ACEO (art card) size, 3.5 x2.5"), mixed media (ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, etc.) .


  1. What a great scene Donna - like so many households. You certainly have made these cat and mouse characters fun.

  2. So cute! I made non dairy ice cream today to go with your baked goods!


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