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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Big and Small, Santa Loves Me, Penny Stewart

4x6 Postcard Size Art, painting of reflection of Mr. Santa Claus hugging a little girl (on an ornament). Does this qualify as Big and Small in one painting? Not sure . . . .

"Santa Loves Me" was painted from a free reference photo on Paint My Photo website, by Karswee, photographer. It is done with watercolor and a little white gouache. Comes with mat to fit a 5x7 frame.


  1. Sweet little ornament - must be hard to paint on a round surface and so small too - well done!

  2. ooops - wait a minute, wait a minute - your painting was so life-like I thought it was a painted ornament now I read your post again and see its a 5x7

  3. I see big (Mrs Claus) and small ( Child) ! And I see a lovely painting! Brava!

  4. This is cute little painting.
    Happy PPF ♥


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