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Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorite Pet - Sandy H.

We rescued Beanie from a shelter around Christmas time.  She is sweet, growing fast and exploring all over the place.  She always seems to like to climb on the chair legs that we have around the dining room table.  She does a pretty good balancing act.

Drawn with pen and then painted in with Corel Paint (online digital painting).  When I saw this pose I wanted to try it.


  1. You captured this really well Sandy - I like your use of the digital program, very clever.

    1. thanks Ann. I had promised myself to make February my "acrylic" month - I'm still planning to get back to the paint.

  2. So cute and clever, and nice of cat to stay long enough to capture the pose!

    1. thanks Lynn - i had taken many photos as she hung on that chair for about 5 minutes. I still have more to sketch - birds, cats,, dogs...if I get the time.

  3. Love the pose and colors, really nice.


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