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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Favorite Pets, "Brand", Lynn Cohen

Brand is short for "brand new kitty"! 

Brand was born to a feral cat when we lived out in the country in 1987! He loved to sleep in the great outdoors often in the curl of the neighbors big yellow lab retriever! When Fred came home from work the dog, who was old, would get up and slowly lumber over to Fred getting out of his truck and the kitten would follow behind to greet him!

When we moved into the city we took Brand with us! We tried to take his mommy too, but she refused to get in the box so we left her at the country house and the neighbors kept an eye out for her! Brand lived with us for 17 years and is buried in our backyard! 


  1. Lynn, you have so many great pet stories! Interspecies friendship must be as important to you as it is to me!

    1. Absolutely! My husband and I were doing a genology of our cats we've had togehter and I plan to draw them all in these two weeks of this theme if I can. Hope to get to his dog he had when we met too. And yes, they all have stories attached.

  2. Enjoyed the story of Brand and what a cute darling painting.


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