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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Favorite Pet by Donna Bickley

Above is a photo of Lagna (short for Lagniappe, a little something extra, a surprise or a prize). Below, my pencil and pen version of my current feline love.
Lagna is about 4, from the Shelter where she was found refusing to leave the shelter of someone's deck after much coaxing and bribing. She's a Tortie with the usual "tortitude" but is a very shy girl.
We think she didn't have a lot of positive human interaction in her past, so it's taken her 3 years to begin to regularly sleep with me, let my hubby give her belly rubs, be unspooked by visitors (lots of treats by guests has done that).
We think she is gorgeous and I love just looking at her. Perhaps someday she'll let us hold her, pick her up, sit on the sofa with the 2 of us (she'll sit there with hubby but not both of us), etc. Shes a very sweet cat who is too shy to wake us up in the morn though with my encouragement she has begun to do so, so very gently.


  1. Precious kitty and story! Lovely drawing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Donna - we rescued an adorable torti kitten around Christmas time - we love her so much! My grandson who lives with her has named her Dabs after a favorite cat of his and I had a cat a few years back named Beanie (Sabine) who I think was taken by a coyote as we never saw her again. So I need to sketch out A Dab of Beanie... Love your story and sketch.

    1. Thank you, Sandy! Glad you enjoyed it and it inspired you!


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