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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Favorite animal, "Nekobus" by Elaine (jaguarish)

I have not had many pets in my life (just aquarium fish) but I do like cats.  Unfortunately my husband is allergic so I usually just admire from afar.  In thinking about the theme, though, I remembered that one of my favorite movie characters is the "bus" in the animated movie "Totoro" which is actually a cat with mice on its head for running lights.  (Donna you should love this!)

"Neko" is the Japanese word for cat.  This character is also known as the catbus.  My drawing has come out a bit creepy but he's actually a very charming character.

I looked at a few images to refresh my memory then tried to do this little drawing without reference.  It's in the tiniest sketchbook I've ever owned, smaller than a credit card, which a friend sent me for Xmas.


  1. What an interesting character, I've never heard of this before. Well done, drawing on such a small sketchbook, fun challenge using something so small. I have attempted to turn your drawing round Elaine and hopefully will add it - hope you are ok with that.....ann :-)

  2. Thanks Ann! Happy to remove the wrong one to smooth out the 'bump' too. I'll do it when I next get a chance. (I'm just on my smartphone at the moment.)

  3. He looks a bit like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland! I'd love to see your fish pets too! Fun work!

  4. so cute! and so small. Enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes I agree his grin is Cheshire cat-like! But I like this cat much more. I always thought the Cheshire cat was creepy. :)


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