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Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Selfies", Lynn Cohen "#2 of Projected 15 for January)

I do hope I can encourage others to join me in this challenge for our current theme of "Selfies".
As you can see I do not aim to draw a picture that looks like a photograph of myself.
Today I dug into my art bag and decided to mainly use MARKERS. I only used pen for my eyelashes. I will try mixing up my art supplies for each of these.
I drew this in the car on our way home from Oregon this morning.
Well actually, from Yreka. We'd gotten that far on our return trip last night.
I looked in the little mirror behind my visor and drew myself.
Would anyone recognize it as me?
Probably not, But it was fun!
And that is what these challenges are all about for me.
Come on, give it a try!!!


  1. LOL I love that you used the vanity mirror in the car to get a view of yourself. Nice job on this. I hope to get another one done for here soon.

  2. Well done Lynn, that was some achievement drawing and travelling :-)

    1. It keeps me occupied Ann. I like to be busy and I love to draw! Hope I'm going to see your Selfies here too soon!!!!!!!!!!!


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