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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holidays, Lynn Cohen, "Hot Fudge Sundae"

A way I used to celebrate birthdays and eat on special holidays as a treat, but don't any more.
I loved hot fudge sundaes when I ate dairy (before I became vegan about three years ago)
I still eat chocolate on occasion. (almost daily one small square or two of dark 75-89% cocoa)
What is your favorite dessert for your holiday celebrations?


  1. so deliciously looking Lynn! My fave is ice cream and dark chocolate cake!

  2. I rarely eat chocolate at all, but have to admit this hot fudge sundae looks yummy :-)

  3. Oh dear! I must bring you some next we visit!

  4. Hot fudge... how yummy. I love that you painted what you no lover eat but used to love. I might have to copy that idea since there are so many foods I no longer eat (except for a little cheating here and there)


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