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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patterns & Textures, Clay Bird, Ann Hyde

Okay, so I'm pushing the boundaries a bit here (hope that's ok Lynn?)....

I made this little bird out of air-dried clay in preparation for another project I'm going to get involved in at some point.  When I checked to see how he had dried out, I was struck by the texture of him and the patterns I had added before he dried out.  Alright I admit, he is hardly perfect (well, not at all bless him), but I made him and he will suffice for what I need and thus I love him, lol.

The technique for drawing is from another class I am taking where you use one-line drawing (rather like blind contour drawing which I have done before).  As it turns out I really like this technique and I have a feeling you may be seeing this style pop up again.

I drew the above whilst I was actually holding the clay bird, but below is a photo of him taken just after I completed moulding out the you can see where I got the patterns and textures.


  1. Ann, of course it's OK! I am all for going outside the box on our themes. What ever makes you happy! I see the texture and you captured it well in just one line too! Bravo!

    1. Thanks Lynn, two pluses for me: 1. I didn't think I could actually make an air-dried clay bird (well, one that looked sort of like a bird) and then 2. manage to do a drawing of it with my hand holding it at the same time!...we can surprise ourselves sometimes can't we, lol :-)

  2. what a treasure that bird was! Makes me want to mold one my own. It's great to be able to make things... you should give him a name :)

    Your sketch is wonderful Ann. The one-line drawing--did you look at the subject and not on the paper? What is the difference of that and blind contour?

  3. Thanks Elisa, I'll have to think of a name for him. Yes, I did look at the drawing with this one-line technique rather than just blind contour drawing it.


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