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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Patterns and Textures, Cats and Bricks, Penny Lee Stewart

Awhile back I painted these bricks for a challenge of "All In A Row" and I really worked on the texture, impasto, using thick paint, trying to make it look like a brick and mortar wall. But who wants to buy a picture of a wall? So I added the cat silhouettes and finally sold it thru my Daily Paint Works site, It was done in acrylics on an 8x10 canvas board. Not an ATC. LOL.


  1. Oh this is really lovely, the black cats to the lovely wall! I have a black cat, she looks like the smallest one in your piece :)

    1. Thanks, Viola. I really was pleased with the outcome. Alley Cats!

  2. Great brick work! Lots of texture there!

  3. Lots of work in this feature...nice addition with the 2 cats.

  4. Excellent painting of a brick wall Penny. You certainly achieved texture.

  5. i can feel the texture of this piece.. the addition of the cats is just brilliant. good job :)

  6. Love the bricks background! The black cats really art effective against wall.

  7. This is really beautifully done! I love it.


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