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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Work Life, Lynn Cohen "For All Those Who Work On Computers"

I thought I'd add a few of my Starbucks Drawings here of people at WORK on their COMPUTERS for all of you, including, Elaine, who works on computers all day long. I see them and draw them at Starbucks all the time. They are often obviously working and/or studying there!

Work doesn't have to be inside an actual OFFICE. It can be done in a coffee shop!
I use a computer in MY WORK too to keep track of my clients hours and to do my claims.


  1. They make great subject models too, lovely :-)

  2. yes me too i use the computer to work even if i don't work in an office because computers are so versatile and useful in this age. working in coffee shops is a wonderful changed scenery and definitely the coffee might help to concentrate as seen in your sketches. wonderful and colorful lynn!

  3. Love this, reminds me of a series of made up faces i sketched one time of people I met on a bus. I never have the opportunity to take a train or bus but I loved seeing sketches that people would do of the ones they saw on a bus/or train. I would make up stories about their lives.


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