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Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16-31 Your Work Life by Donna Bickley

Last December when I first started painting ACEO's, I did this one as part of a series of famous artists, catified. It is is pic of me (catified but not so famous) working at my art table on my 2.5 x 3.5 cards. It is as if i am using a magnifying glass to paint our cat, Lagna (shown bottom left by the mouse hole often depicted in my cards but which do not exist in our house - Lagnia is more of a spider-er than a mouse-er)!

Mixed media.

Pictured below is Lagna in reality:


  1. You did this so well Donna, bringing the different elements into such a small painting. Lagna looks so sweet :-)

  2. Thanks, Ann - and Lagna is a very sweet cat, And very shy, we think she was mistreated in her unknown past (she's a shelter cat).

  3. Oh...i love this and the idea you had!

  4. Clever you! Well drawn too. I'm always impressed with these tiny art pieces.

  5. What a fun portrayal of yourself! Self portraits are always so interesting. I love your cat!

  6. Thanks all, and Lagna thanks you too!

  7. this is so fun and personal. thanks for sharing your creativity with us donna :)


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