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Friday, September 18, 2015

Things people do, Read a book and Relax, Penny Stewart

I found lots of people I have painted, doing stuff. Here's the first one.
Man reading a book, Relaxing. Things to do Outside on a Sunny Day.

ACEO, Watercolor and Pen, available on  Ebay


  1. You captured a lovely scene here Penny...another excellent ACEO :-)

  2. Penny, nice work. Glad to see you haven't completely disappeared in the art world!

  3. My favourite thing to do! Great capture.

    1. Reading is great, but wear sunscreen and sit under an umbrella if you do it outside!

  4. Well, Donna, I am doing Freeform Crochet, which is very much still in the art world. LOL. In fact, I am working on a crochet ATC right now. And I still have 500 paintings for sale on the internet, and I do one a week, so YES, I am still actively creating artwork, but not so many paintings right now.


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