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Friday, September 4, 2015

All Kinds of Trees - Topiary Co-op Apartments - Donna Bickley

Topiary Co-op Apartments - Monty Maus and Kilmer Katz families have jointed together to set up house in an abandoned topiary Boxwood tree (you can see it needs some trimming and is certainly out-of-control).. The mice are having trouble with the altitude (being used to living near the floors of houses. The Katz, on the other hand are happy as clams up in a tree.


  1. Oops! Forgot to include info:
    This is a fantasy tree tree scent using a topiary Boxwood design, featuring my Critters Series, cats and mice, in an unlikely scenario for critters. I painted with alcohol inks and acrylics, on an 140 lb. ACEO size aceid-free card.

  2. This whimsical painting gave me a laugh Donna, you certainly have great imagination.

  3. This is absolutely adorable, and so well drawn! I love it.

  4. Thanks, Ann and Lynn! This one was fun to do!


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