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Monday, August 17, 2015

Shoes by Donna Bickley

Shoe Sale - More adventures of my critters. It's back to school time and the Katz family have sent Kev to buy some new school shoes (he insisted on going "by myself", not with his mum). Morty Mouse went along for company. Kev is having difficulties getting the right size and his choice of shoe style and color is not likely to please Mum. Morty is amused.


  1. Forgot to add - this is aceo size, mixed media, mostly acrylics and pen

  2. amusing story involving critters! i like your bold colors and imagination Donna :) this story reminds me of myself when i was in my teens and i prefer to go by myself to buy things only to realize i need my mom to make the decision for me! Lol :p

  3. Wonderful story of Kev and Morty, gave me a chuckle :-)

  4. Cute story and very nice artwork. There is a new shoe store that opened up in the city on Wednesday... I've never seen so many people in a shoe store! lol... this story reminds me of that :-)
    Under The Tea Tree

  5. Love those hot orange shoes! LOL, Donna. Great writing! Still think you should write and illustrate children's stories.


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