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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favorite Meal, Lynn Cohen

Today I had one of my favorite lunches at one of my favorite places to draw, Tacos Jalisco, in Vacaville, California. I ordered Two Fish Tacos and Half an Order of Guacamole. Sound familiar?


  1. Oh this is great Lynn.... love the back of the girls shirt too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lovely lunch with nice friends. Like this happy art piece.

  3. Oh YES, that does sound familiar, I didn't know you still ordered that meal....lovely that you still go to TJ's, hope the family there are all ok.

  4. Lynn, I really like this! I admire artists that do the Urban Sketchers' theme. I'll need to try that more often. Oh, and save me some guac!

  5. Yum! I am envious that you live in an area where you can eet REAL Mexican food! After living in Oxnord for 4 years, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and, bye bye Mexican food (well, GOOD Mexican food).

  6. Thanks everyone, yes, Ann, on occasion I do eat fish (vegan otherwise); and it is the title of my book, well, with "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco"!
    CLChristian, there is always enough guacamole to go around at TJ's and it's is made fresh for every order!!!
    Really, Donna, no Mexican food in the Pacific Northwest? Crazy!

  7. Love the sketch. Too bad I wasn't a bit closer this week. We were near LA for s wedding and had lots of Mexican food.

    1. Thanks Joan, and yes come North I'd love to take you to lunch and draw with you!


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