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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favorite Meal Giggles from Happy Tiler

I've not had a burger from White Spot  for a month now as we've been on a healthy eating plan! It's made a significant difference to our life. We are not doing without, just making better choices. No one has weighed themselves, but clothes are loosening! When we do finally have our favorite burger it will taste better than ever, and be worth every bite!

Icad 46


  1. Such a good idea to have a healthy eating plan --- Love your collage here with it's brilliant colour :-)

  2. Nice job! Congrats on eating healthier too!

  3. Hey, "Giggles" so happy to see your art here again!!!!!!!!!! Believe me after eating your new way for a while you could even get to a place where the fresh choices/whole foods taste BETTER than that burger did or will. At least this is what's happened to me two plus years into it. Oh, and had to give away all the loose fitting clothes as I went down several sizes. The health benefits have been the best!
    Love the drawing ... I just see it as a veggie burger. LOL

  4. Definitely looks like a treat for the stomach and the eyes!


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